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Choosing the right paving and landscaping design products can bring your garden or outdoor space alive, giving it warmth and intimacy, making it a practical and useful area for your family or creating a relaxing haven.

Transform the approach and surroundings of your home into beautiful driveway. At Edinburgh Modern Paving we are offering a friendly and reliable service for all your paving needs. We’re confident that we offer the best value service in the Edinburgh and Lothian's area.

Edinburgh Modern Paving is an independent, family owned and operated company, with 10 years’ experience in providing the best paving solutions for your home, driveway and garden.

Please remember, your home starts with the driveway and says a lot about you. We're very proud of our fully comprehensive service and all our work is guaranteed.

Contact us today for free survey & design appointment! We're happy to serve Edinburgh, Lothian's and the surrounding area.

Do we need a planning permission?

Planning permission is not required for permeable surfacing (e.g. Shingle) or non-permeable surfacing (e.g. Pattern Imprinted Concrete) where rain/ surface water can be directed to a naturally draining area, such as garden/ lawn or a soakaway. If these conditions cannot be fulfilled, then in accordance with the legislation passed in October 2008, planning permission will be required, which we will advise you on during a site visit / free quotation.